Education Credential Evaluation

 We provides credential evaluation service and professional assistance in interpreting the equivalency of foreign education of persons educated outside the United States of America in terms of education at accredited institutions in the United States.

 As a foreign credential evaluation service, we have a team of professional foreign credential evaluators, who have been active in the field of international education for many years and prepare credential evaluations after careful research and scrutiny of all available research material, courses completed, examinations passed, degrees and diplomas awarded, etc.

 Typically, a foreign credential evaluation is required for H1-B, I-140, TN (and other work-related) visas, university admission and employment.
 ECE International provides evaluations for colleges and universities, employers, immigration attorneys and the US Immigration Service which show the equivalency of foreign education credentials to US education.

Translation and Certification

 In general, a certified translation (in the US) is one to which the translator has added a statement that the translation is true, accurate, and correct "to the best of my knowledge and ability".
 The statement may be made under oath, or "under penalty of perjury", and may be notarized to confirm the identity of the person signing the statement.