Intellectual Property
 Law Office USA, Ltd. is licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
 Law Office USA, Ltd. provides value-added professional services to its clients with all kinds of intellectual property related matters.
 With a team of experienced lawyers and supporting staff, Law Office USA, Ltd. is able to help you to secure your rights intellectually.

 Law Office USA, Ltd. helps its clients to apply for patent applications, and draft licensing agreements related thereof.
 Law Office USA, Ltd. is capable of helping its clients to patents for inventions related to mechanical products, electrical products, information technology related products, and computer software.
 Law Office USA, Ltd. helps its clients to apply for trademarks on the products they carries, or the services they provide.

  Law Office USA, Ltd. consults its clients with various immigration needs associated with clients’ business operations in the United States.
 Law Office USA, Ltd. provides in-depth analysis of clients’ immigration needs to come up with realistic immigration strategies for its clients to effectively and efficiently achieve their immigration goals.