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Visa Waiver FAQ    

-B Visa
 Travellers wishing to visit the United States for business reasons that do not involve receiving salary or payment of any kind from a U.S. source may apply for a business visa.
 The visa symbol is "B-1".

 Japanese travellers planning trips for fewer than 90 days may not need a visa.
 To see if you need a visa, please refer to the Visa Waiver Program page.

 Business travel generally means engaging in business activities other than the actual performance of labor.
 To work in the United States, you will need a visa specifically for that purpose.
 If you intend to work in the United States, please see the employment visa catagory.

 Business visas are appropriate for the following persons/activities: selling, voluntary work, service engineer, speaker/lecturer, conference, researcher, business venture, medical elective, and telecommuters.